Starting Affiliate Marketing

With Amazon

We Show You How You Can Get Your Amazon Affiliate Approval


How You Can Start To Earn From Affiliate Marketing

How The System Works

About Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon is Huge

So huge it attracts millions of buyers and sells billions of dollars worth of goods worldwide every year.

Naturally You Want to be a Part of This Market

But it is not easy. First you need to be accepted as an afioiate and to do that you need a website that looks good and is functional before you can be considered. As you are new to affiliate marketing ingeneral and Amazon in particular, you have no idea about how to do this. Am I right?

Yes. I know I’m right. But your problems are over.

We Can Establish a Suitable Website For You To Use So You Can Get Amazon Affiliate Acceptance Quickly

You Will Not Have Seen Anything Like This Before

We Build You A Niche Website

We Host It For You

We Personalise It For Your Niche

We Add A Few Random Niche Products

You Apply To Amazon

Using This New Website

Built For Your Amazon Niche

And Wait For Their Acceptance

You Receive Amazon Acceptance

You Setup Your Amazon Account

Get and Store Your Keys

You Build Your Proper Website

One-Off Payment of $50

Last For 30 days Which Is Enough Time For

Amazon Affiliate Application and Acceptance

Creation of Your Permanent Website

Starting Your Marketing Campaign

What Happens After Amazon Approval


You Buy a Domain Name

Buy a domain name to reflect you business niche. This is your new business address



You Buy Hosting

You need hosting to make your site work nothing happens without it



Buy WordPressTheme

You setup WordPress on your hosting server and buy the right theme to make it work


You Then Import Products You Want Direct From Amazon

Alternatively We Can Do It All For You