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June 29, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Luxury Chocolate

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Fred Olsen Cruises

This week on Superfoods, we’re going to teach you how to tame kale’s bitterness and make one of the world’s oldest cultivated vegetables work to your advantage. Move over spinach, there’s a new supergreen in town, and it’s kale!


This weekly show spotlights super healthy foods and shows viewers how to incorporate them into their everyday diets. Get the skinny on everything from kale to pomegranates, learn delicious and easy recipes, and pick up tricks on how to add these super foods into the dishes you already love.

Created by Hanna Peretz (Diser Films)
Starring Alexandra Falleyn and Simon Cotton

Director- Harry Reavley
Producer and Co Director- Hanna Peretz
DOP – Rory Skeoch
Lighting assistant – Chris Steel
Hair/MUA – Susanna Peretz
Editor – Harry Reavley
Moon Creator – Miren Patel at Aizen Digital

Costume by Julien Macdonald and Rigby & Peller