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For Women Over 35, ‘Regular’ Exercise Is


You see, exercising the ‘wrong’ way can actually have the reverse effect on your body, dramatically increasing the number of menopause molecules piling up in your belly.

Can you believe it? The MORE you workout, the BIGGER your belly. And it gets worse…

Eventually all this exercise causes your body to get stuck in fat storage mode. Making you unable to burn off even an inch of frustrating fat.

Sound familiar?

This is called ‘menopause belly’. And the harsh truth is:



My Bikini Belly Review

Here’s a fascinating fat fact:

Did you know that every woman holds the “menopause gene” in her DNA?

It’s a tiny little gene buried deep inside your fat cells. And it just sits there. Doesn’t do anything.

That is, until you turn 35…

Because once you reach the age of 35, your menopause gene instantly switches ON…

And your tummy quickly fills up with ‘menopause molecules’, blowing up your belly like water filling up a balloon.

Piling on stubborn, troublesome belly fat fast.

When It Comes To Losing Belly Fat Over The Age of 35?
Fitness Gurus, Dieticians and Celebrity Trainers
Have Got It All WRONG!

Customer Reviews

I started Shawna’s workouts and I’m hooked.

bikinin belly testimonialI’ve noticed my strength has dramatically increased, my endurance and stamina has gone through the roof. My physique is more athletic and fit. I recently ran the OC Half Marathon at the last minute with NO training what so ever.

But, since I’ve been using Shawna’s new method I finished the marathon strong, with no issues with my bum knee. Plus I can’t wait to run my next marathon as I continue to incorporate Shawna’s workouts to my daily routine. I’m hooked!

– Sylvia


I noticed the physical changes rather quickly. My muscle tone continues to increase as does my strength and endurance and I now have abdominal muscles that I have never had in my life! My training allows me to think more clearly, I sleep better, I am stronger, I look and feel better. After 20 years of searching for the perfect trainer and program, I finally found something that works for me.

does bikini body work


As a busy mom of two little boys, trainer and busy Bootcamp owner I cannot say enough about Shawna K's program. Her program is top notch and keeps me on my game! She helps me take my training to the next level. These programs are quick and effective. If you want results look no further than Shawna!


All of the Workouts are quick and so easy to do at home. I’m happier, healthier, sleeping better and I feel great. Shawna’s knowledge, encouragement, kindness and dedication to me were the key to my success. These workouts truly have been a life altering experience. Thank you Shawna! -Lisa