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Simple Amazon Affiliate Store Creation

Discover The Secret 3-Step Amazon Formula & Start Earning Affiliate Commissions On Demand

If you ask around among the super affiliates out there, they will all agree that the only real way to to make money as an Amazon affiliate is to set up your own Amazon store.

It’s just that almost all the current solutions simply do not cut the mustard.

Mostly because they leave the very important: “how the heck do I get traffic to my store?”

That’s exactly what ShopABot fixes.

You get a store that actually works, without you having to spend months setting it up. And more importantly you get an easy to follow system that will take care of everything from research to traffic and sales.

This may seem very harsh, and perhaps everything here doesn’t fit you. But if you are 100% honest with yourself, a lot of it probably does.

And you’re not alone… This is the sad reality for most budding Amazon affiliates.

It’s no wonder most people give up and end up never making any money from Amazon’s affiliate program – or indeed any money from internet marketing at all. You do this over and over again with the same result when the real problem is that…

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If you want to start with Amazon, start with ShopaBot.

Value For Money

Low cost starter system packed with loads of value and hosting too

Suitable For Beginners

Aimed at beginners to Amazon affiliate marketing

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Top quality support to help you get it right

Ease of Use

Short learning curve that will build a store in minutes

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What Makes an Amazon Affiliate Successful?

I Don’t Know Any Successful Amazon Affiliate Who Didn’t Experience Their Fair Share of Failure & Frustration Before Finally “Getting It”

You spend countless hours slaving away at your computer trying make all the pieces in the big Amazon puzzle fit together.

Trying to implement what you have learned from the courses and making it work with the various plugins, themes and store builders you got earlier.

It seems so easy for other people, yet… you still haven’t been able to make any significant and reliable income as an Amazon affiliate!

With crazy numbers like that, it’s easy to see why smart affiliates like you would like to get a juicy slice of that gigantic pie.

If you can crack the Amazon affiliate code, you are guaranteed a huge and ongoing income.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds and before I saw any results from Amazon at all… I had to spend years testing (and failing with) all the strategies and software I could get my hands on.

I’m not a programmer or anything, but I am reasonably tech savvy. Yet all the various Amazon stores I have tried were all either way too complicated or missing so many critical features that they were unusable.

From Cindy Donovan Product Creator

“What I am very good at is creating and implementing systems!
The proverbial penny dropped when I realized that in order for you to achieve any success as an affiliate I needed to build an integrated system that could build affiliate stores, get free traffic and convert it into sales…

It had to follow a very simple 3 step formula so you can replicate it over and over again, scale it up and easily grow your affiliate earnings into a healthy full time income.

That’s exactly what I have built and these days I am able to generate unlimited viral traffic & juicy Amazon commissions on demand…”