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Whatever your business the Shoppinsight Online Marketing System will help to increase your sales and boost your brand awareness by supporting any type of advertising that you do.

Works For Any Business

With or Without a Website

Low Cost Online Marketing Solution Supports Physical Businesses


How It Supports Advertising

When you advertise you need to send people somewhere. It may be that you want them to

  • Call you for a quote
  • Contact you for help
  • Visit your store
  • Make an appointment
  • Buy something online

So, your advert works in attracting potential customers, but what is the first thing most people do when they respond to an advert nowadays?

They check you out online

Therefore you need to have a landing page supporting your advert that completely message matches it with

  • Same product
  • Same images
  • Same message

What Makes a Good Landing Page.

  • It must be distraction free
  • No adverts (especially pop-ups) – who does not hate those
  • No menu
  • No Facebook or other social media links
  • It must give a clear explanation of the advert’s subject matter. If you are advertising XYZ Perfume the page must talk about XYZ Perfume and nothing else.

In fact nothing except clear Call To Action (CTA) text or buttons to guide visitors to  where you want them to go.

The purpose of your advert was to get people to buy a product or service from you. When the follow a link to your web page they want to see what took them there in the first place.

The purpose of the landing page is to provide exactly that and only that.

This is why a landing page works better than a website. A properly designed website will not only have all those distractions of menus. news, about us, external links and so on, but to function well as a website it needs them.

A Landing Page Focuses Your Visitors


What The Online Marketing System Does

Our online marketing system fulfills the need for a landing page to support your advertising with a beautifully designed web page  tailored to your needs and created with your advertising campaign in mind.

So when people respond to your advert you give them the answers

Each page is individually created for your requirements and is also fully optimised for the search engines (SEO) to give it the best chance of achieving a high Google ranking in its own right.

. All our landing pages have

  • Powerful related images also on page SEO optimised
  • Clear CTA buttons with links to where you want your customers
  • Location map (where applicable)
  • Full hosting on our website so that you do not need to do anything to your website

They are also

  • Distraction free with no adverts anywhere ever.
  • Focused totally on the subject matter of your advert. If you are advertising a bathroom fitting service, then that is all the landing page will talk about. Only in much more detail.
  • Ifyou offer other services and want to send your visitor to your website that that is where we will focus the CTA links. By which time your potential client will be sold on your service.

However that is not all you receive with our marketing system

We also create a marketing video for you promoting your business or product. This gives you another marketing channel that few businesses achieve and those that do often fail to do it properly.  Your video will

  • Match your landing page we create telling the same message
  • Be fully optimised for relevant keywords
  • Have properly constructed video SEO which is different to on page SEO and is a specialist technique
  • Contain a direct link to your landing page that we have created
  • Be hosted on our YouTube channel requiring no additional work for you

A long term marketing plan that keeps on giving

Why Landing Pages Work

Marketing Video Example

Landing Pages Examples


The Unique marketing system uses the power of online marketing in a special way to support all forms of advertising formulated to increase conversions.