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Turmeric Benefits

how turmeric helps

Turmeric root powder has been long used by Ayurvedic medicine as a basic “heal all” and anti-inflammatory. The benefits of turmeric and its active ingredients (including curcuminoids) have recently been recognised in the Western world after much TV, magazine and radio coverage. There are a couple of thousand published studies supporting the beneficial effects of turmeric.

Our Turmeric Herbal Combo is a unique combination of organic turmeric powder with synergistic extracts, herbs and nutrients, which supports immunity, lower levels of inflammation, joint and bone health as well as energy levels, cognitive function, hormonal balance, acid-base metabolism, macronutrient metabolism, nails, skin, hair and more.

Each capsule combines organic turmeric powder PLUS high-potency turmeric extract (95% curcumin – the active ingredient) with ginger root extract (5% gingerols), cayenne extract (100au capsaicin), piperine (black pepper) extract, zinc citrate and vitamin B6. The piperine has been included to potentiate the absorption and effect of the other herbal actives – a well-known herbalists’ combination.

turmeric benefits

Ideal as an immune system booster, as well as for use during any exercise programme, by older adults and anyone looking to support hormone, bone and joint health plus all round well-being. Can also be used for liver, digestive and circulatory system health.

how turmeric helps

Supports muscle and joint health

Turmeric has grown a lot of popularity for its use in helping to support healthy muscles and joints. Turmeric, in particular, curcumin has shown in some studies to act as an antioxidant which may also assist in promoting healthy muscles and joints.

Helps regulate your metabolism

It has been suggested that curcumin may be effective in improving digestive health, allowing fats and sugars to be metabolized more efficiently. The benefit of this is that it can potentially aid in weight loss and support healthy weight management

Assists with cognitive function

A study conducted to examine the effect that curcumin had on patients with Alzheimer’s concluded some encouraging results in regard to having a positive effect on cognitive function. The research concluded that turmeric or more specifically the curcumin found inside turmeric appeared to inhibit intracellular expression and the formation and propagation of free radicals, which are a possible contributor to neuronal loss and atrophy

Support healthy blood pressure

It has been suggested that the curcumin found in turmeric may assist in supporting healthy blood pressure levels. Although further clinical research is required for a medical conclusion to this, the potential health benefits present a compelling argument for further research to be done.